April 17, 2023
Seniority Credit Letter sent to affected members on approved leaves of absence before or on July 22 2022

Did you take a leave of absence or were on a leave at the time of ratification July 2022? 

Some Loblaws RCSS members may be entitled to a seniority credit.

If you were off work on an approved leave of absence, you may be one of approximately 400 members in the province who has been reported by Loblaws to have been off during the ratification time.

As previously updated on our Local News story April 11 2023, to ensure that this issue is properly dealt with, your Union will be sending out individual letters to all affected and identified members. 

Converting members to a fixed seniority date that would never change was one of the important changes negotiated to ensure that part time members would not lose seniority when they took vacation or were off work due to a WCB claim or any other approved leaves of absence. 

Since this conversion calculation was done using total hours as of July 22nd, 2022, it is important that members who were off work at that time apply for any credits they may be entitled to receive. 

Therefore, the Union and Company have agreed to allow members to apply for a seniority credit for the period up until July 22nd, 2022.

A letter explaining this will be mailed out to our affected members today explaining the process and the deadline to apply.

The deadline to make this application is May 10th, 2023.

The process is very simple:  You must contact your home store and speak to the store administrator who will take your information so that the credit may be calculated and applied.

If you should have any questions about this or any other matter, please contact you Union Representative.