June 19, 2023
Safeway Cost of Living Clause Arbitration update

Cost of Living Clause Arbitration update June 19 2023

As we have previously updated on our Local News on January 31 2023, UFCW 1518 recently received a successful decision on the arbitration they had with Safeway/Sobeys over a cost-of-living clause in their collective agreement.

This language is identical to the language in the UFCW 247 Safeway collective agreement which talks about one-time payments for our members at top rate in the production clerk classification as well as those in all other classifications at top rate due to the Consumer Price Index exceeding 3% for the time period of March 2021 to March 2022.

The Company had decided to appeal the arbitrator’s decision by making an appeal application to the Labour Board.

We are pleased to advise that Company has now lost that appeal and now have agreed to provide the one-time payments they were obligated to under the CBA.

We have been advised that these payments will be paid out next week on June 22 2023.

We will continue to monitor this resolution to ensure the Company follows through with their commitment