August 24, 2021
Renewed Mask Mandate Effective August 25

In today’s media release, our provincial government announced the need to bring back a mask mandate for anyone 12 and older in indoor public spaces. This measure is effective August 25, given the continuous and alarming increase in COVID-19 cases.

"This measure is needed to ensure that these indoor settings are as safe as they can be for all of us as we head into the fall. This is to address those situations where we are in indoor settings with people who may not yet have been vaccinated." Dr. Henry said.

"This will include malls, shopping centres, coffee shops, retail and grocery stores, liquor and drug stores, city halls, libraries, community and recreation centres, restaurants, pubs and bars – unless you are seated once you are at your table" She added.

It is important to note that, just like in the past, people who can't wear a mask or put one on without assistance, are exempt.

In addition to this new mask mandate, we were reminded that getting vaccinated and staying home when sick are effective measures to combat the virus. 

"Our local has started receiving confirmation from employers regarding this renewed mask mandate. Members can expect official communication from their employers very soon" said President Dan Goodman.