June 26, 2024
Ratification Results: Lineage/Versacold Derwent Distribution Centre

UFCW Local 247 members working at the Lineage/Versacold Derwent Distribution Centre have voted June 25th 2024 on whether to accept a new Memorandum of Settlement.

With ballots counted, the new agreement has been accepted by a margin of 69%.

We want to thank all members who have participated in the process as we know these decisions are not easy.

“We recognize the extraordinary effort of the negotiations committee to achieve this deal,” said Dean Patriquin, Director of Bargaining of UFCW Local 247. “The commitment of your committee through to the late hours truly demonstrated their desire to obtain the best deal possible.”

“Our stewards and members were actively engaged and were solid in their support for their negotiations team,” said UFCW Local 247 Union Representative, Eric Seto. “This deal represents an employer who can see the value our hard-working members have contributed to the success of this Company.”

This new collective agreement includes highlights such as an increased Freezer, Lead Hand, Loader, Shift Differential, RSA, and First Aid premiums, improvements to the stat holiday entitlements and language, and improvements to the sick day entitlement.

For the duration of the collective agreement, a 16% increase of wages is planned.

“This is a great deal for our members and I am proud to have supported our members throughout this process” added Eric Seto.