March 31, 2021
President Suzanne Hodge retires, Secretary-Treasurer Dan Goodman to serve as President

At a meeting today of the UFCW Local 247 Executive Board, President Suzanne Hodge advised the Local 247 Executive Board that she will be stepping down as President effective today (March 31), and retiring on May 1, 2021.

The UFCW Constitution states at Article 35, 24, (D):

1. Where vacancies occur in any office of a Local Union, the Local Union Executive Board, not later than 90 days after the vacancy occurs, shall fill the vacancy for the balance of the term. However, a vacancy in the office of Local Union President shall be filled no earlier than 30 days nor later than 90 days after the vacancy occurs. Any member filling a vacancy must satisfy the eligibility requirements of Article 35(A) as applicable to the filling of vacancies.

2. In the case of a vacancy in the office of Local Union President, the Secretary-Treasurer of the Local Union shall perform the duties of such office until a new President is elected by the Local Union Executive Board.

"Secretary-Treasurer Dan Goodman has assumed the duties of the President," says Hodge. "Dan has years of experience working with local 247 and our members and is highly qualified to lead Local 247 with the full support of the Executive Board behind him."

Dan Goodman says, "it has been an honor and privilege to work along side Suzanne all these years.  She  stepped into the role of President seamlessly under unfortunate circumstances with Gib Whitlock’s passing (former Local 247 President), and led the Local through some challenging times. I want to wish her a long, healthy and happy retirement and on behalf of the staff, members and Executive Board of Local 247, thank her for her commitment to the Local."

L-R: President Dan Goodman, Suzanne Hodge, and  Charles Pratt.