March 18, 2020
New hotline number for non-medical COVID-19 questions

A new telephone hotline has been created to take pressure off BC's existing health line, 811.

811 is the number British Columbians should continue to call to reach health professionals if you or a family member are experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 or any other health-related issue. 

The new hotline is meant for non-medical questions as a result of the high demand for information on 811.

CBC News reports that, "Service providers at the new phone line will help answer questions about travel recommendations, social distancing, and what kinds of support, resources and assistance are available from the provincial and federal governments."

If you have non-medical questions about COVID-19, the new hotline number is 1-888-COVID19 or 1-888-268-4319.

It will be staffed from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day with information available in more than 110 languages.