February 20, 2020
Mediation for Safeway negotiations sees limited progress

On February 18, the Union Bargaining Committee for Safeway and company representatives met for a day of contract talks with the assistance of mediator Mr. Wayne Moore. 

While there were some issues resolved, by the end of the day the major issues remained outstanding.

At this time, it appears that Final Offer Selection arbitration will need to be utilized, and in the near future the union will meet with legal counsel to prepare submissions for a Final Offer Selection arbitration.

Further negotiations updates will be posted on www.ufcw247.com as soon as they are available.

The Union Bargaining Committee for Safeway is Sharon Tuerlings, Alicia Whitehead, Doug Insley, Margaret Robins, Kathleen Allen, and Brian Taylor, and they were joined by UFCW 247 Secretary-Treasurer Dan Goodman and UFCW 247 Union Rep Cathy Shannon.