February 15, 2023
Loblaws implementation update February 15 2023 – Shift Marketplace / Shift Swap

Loblaws implementation update February 15 2023 – Shift Marketplace and Shift Swap

Shift Market Place and Shift Swap Update

Loblaws has been tracking the initial usage of the various components of Shift Marketplace to see what the adoption rate looks like.  On the first go around they tracked usage in November, December and first half of January.

In this almost 3-month period, 10,300 members offered to swap a shift with 4000 actually being swapped for a 40% completion rate. 1100 members picked up a shift during this time period .

The employers take on the usage rate is that members are utilizing it to a greater degree than first expected and that adoption is going well.

Your Union is also hearing some reports that some Managers are surprised to see certain members at work after a shift swap.  This is because that Manager has failed to check the days shift swap information. Much like negative option billing if the manager doesn’t object to the swap online the system automatically approves it.

These initial stats are a good sign that members are benefitting from the Letter of Understanding #16 – Shift Marketplace and Letter of Understanding # 17 – Shift Swap

In other news, with RDO's being done online Loblaws is now able to track the numbers.  For this period,  they have reported 18,500 requests placed for specific RDO’s and 13,700 requests granted.  This is an approval rate of 74%

For the first time, your Union is now able to obtain metrics on RDO requests.  Previously your Union Reps would deal with individual store and department complaints however there was no system we could request data on to determine whether the RDO process was working as it should be.

Your Union will continue to monitor the new Letters of Understandings to ensure this language works for you.

If you are experiencing issues or you are having positive experiences, please communicate to your assigned Union Representative so that we can better understand the impacts to our membership.

We will continue to post updates as we have them.