March 21, 2022
Loblaw’s Bargaining Update: March 15-18

The Loblaw’s bargaining committee has tabled a comprehensive monetary offer which conceptually has addressed the issues regarding wage scales, the numbers fall well short of the Union’s expectations.

As we have pointed out to the Company; the current state of the economy, other industry settlements, Loblaws’ profitability, and the general cost of living in the province of BC, their workers need to be treated fairly at the table.

Your Union is committed to pursuing a fair deal that will help all members and to achieve that goal we need to eliminate the current 75/25 ratio.

Your Union’s bargaining committee is disappointed by the Company’s latest offer and we feel that the Company does not fully address our concerns; however, it does represent a good starting point to build from in the next round of negotiations.

We will thoroughly review the comprehensive offer and have scheduled further bargaining dates, April 5th to 8th .