May 13, 2022
Loblaw’s Bargaining Strike Vote Reminder

This has been a busy time for many.  As your Union Representatives have been visiting and calling locations throughout the province, many of you have shared your personal stories and situations.
Understandably we all speak from different backgrounds, and we all have different financial commitments. 
Strike Votes will be commencing this Saturday May 14th, and it truly is important that we need to show the Company how serious we are.
Voting YES to a strong mandate will show the Company how serious we are in getting a fair deal and it is very important that you attend one of your scheduled vote locations to vote in favour of the strike mandate.
Remember we all need to support each other.
Again, please visit our common FAQ’s on our site here.  It has been updated with additional questions and answers.
We achieve our strength by acting together and standing together as a United Front.