July 21, 2023
Loblaw update for bi-weekly paid colleagues

Loblaw update for bi-weekly paid colleagues.

Loblaw announces new Advance Pay Program for bi-weekly paid colleagues.

Beginning last week, a new Advance Pay program will be introduced as part of Loblaws’ Live Life Well support.

The program will allow colleagues the ability to request and receive a portion of their pay a week early if needed through Workday.   This will be an automated process and no approval is required.

 Your Union has been advised that a notice will be posted in each eligible location and that the program would be visible on Workday on July 10th 2023.

The program will allow you to request payment of a portion of your approved earnings, in advance of your regular pay day. In Workday, the available amount you’ll be able to request based on earnings with the available amount indicated.

We believe that this program will allow our members greater flexibility and anticipate that some members will benefit from this program.