July 14, 2022
Loblaw Superstore implementation of changes update

After every ratification, there is an implementation period which is needed for the Company to ensure their systems teams align properly with the accepted changes.

The current expected implementation timelines are:

30-hour guarantee
The Company has started approaching all members who currently have 28 hour guarantees to fill out the form requesting the 30-hour guarantee.  The form can be downloaded here

Signing Bonus
Expected deposit date is July 28

New Rates loading into payroll
New rates will load into the payroll system effective July 24 to ensure a full pay period with the new rates.  Pay period July 24 – Aug 6 will have all hours at the new rates.  Pay deposit for this pay period is August 11.  Hours worked from July 10 – July 23 will be calculated for appropriate retro and also paid on August 11.

Availability/30 hr. Guarantee/ 2-week schedule
Will be effective August 7th.  The schedules written on August 3rd will contain changes.

Night Premium/ Lead Hand  
Awaiting confirmation of payroll load date.  The Night Premium and Lead Hand rates are effective July 10 and all eligible members will receive their calculated retro amounts once this change is loaded into payroll.  Further update will be provided once the confirmation of the load date becomes available.

Members are reminded to keep an eye on their paystubs to ensure that their wage increase or signing bonus was applied correctly. If members find any discrepancies or have any questions, please contact your union rep.

We will continue to post updates as we have them.