June 07, 2022
Loblaw meeting scheduled June 9

President Dan Goodman and Secretary Treasurer Charles Pratt are scheduled to meet with UFCW National President Paul Meinema and Senior Loblaw management on June 9th.

As previously stated by President Dan Goodman, the request was made to meet with senior officials who ultimately have the authority to make changes to the Company’s offer.   As talks with local management had stalled.

This meeting will determine if there is a path forward to a deal, or a dispute.

Strike Preparations continue:

Preparations continue for a province wide strike as there is approximately 31 locations requiring staff and logistical support.  Your Union appreciates the assistance the National Office has provided in material support and their offer of staff to assist in a dispute.  This will be a difficult time for many and your Union has also contacted other UFCW Canada Locals for additional assistance.  “This isn’t a one location dispute and taking out the province is a large undertaking, so we want to make sure that all our members are properly supported on the picket line”, said President Dan Goodman.

It is your Union’s initial expectation that your picket lines will run during the normal operating hours, however that plan will be adjusted once a dispute is underway and we determine which store locations the employer may attempt to keep operating.  We anticipate 24 hour picket lines at the 3 Distribution Centre locations as they also provide services for other banners under Loblaw.   

We have received our first batch of strike bibs and we expect our picket captain kits will soon be completed.

Our third round of picket captain training is scheduled to commence shortly with another round in the planning phase.   If you are interested in becoming a picket captain, please contact your representative to make the necessary arrangements.

As well, we expect our Member Picket registration link will be setup on our website shortly.

We will continue to post updates as we have them.