August 18, 2022
Loblaw implementation update August 18 2022

After every ratification, there is an implementation period which is needed for the Company to ensure their systems teams align properly with the accepted changes.

The current updated implementation timelines are:

Estimated to  occur by Aug 28th :
           -  Clerk Classification will be loaded into the system and the trainee classification will be removed
           -  Part-time Seniority fixed date hours conversion calculations will be completed and loaded
Estimated to occur by Aug 28th or early September:
           -  Buyouts   – 1st and only wave of 2022
                              -  Notices will be put up 
                              -  Estimated last day worked will be Sept 28
                              -  Deposit date will be October 6 (RRSP will take longer)
Estimated to occur by end of October, early November:
           -  Dynamic Scheduling
                               -  Shift marketplace, cross training, shift swap
Estimated to occur by mid/end of November:
           -  PT pay as you go Vacation.  Company is expected to provide the official 8 week notice shortly
28 Full Time Front End positions:???????
           -  Company had 3 months from date of Ratification (July 8th) 
           -  Advised that stores are looking at this right now.
4 Day Pilot for Night Crew
           - Estimated trial may commence Q1 of 2023
CBA print ready :???????
The merging of the Memorandum of Agreement document and the expired collective agreement is what will form the new collective agreement document. 
Although that work has begun, it will take some time to finish. 

Once errors and omissions are reviewed, the New Agreement will need to be formatted and cross referenced with the table of contents.  This draft will then be forwarded to the Company for their verification process.  Once verified the draft will be finalized and then it is off to the printers for publishing.  The verified draft will be made available on our website prior to printing.

We anticipate this process to be completed by early September.
Please keep in mind that although the document is not finalized, the agreed upon items are in effect.

We will continue to post updates as we have them.