March 16, 2021
Loblaw DC’s Operational Changes Announced

On the morning of Mar 15, 2021 UFCW 247 Union Representative Johnny Khakh was contacted by Loblaw DC management over changes they were announcing  to the DC operations which may have an impact on some of our members' employment. The changes include the movement of goods and functions from one distribution center to another. While the message being delivered at  management team meetings with members advised that these changes should not have a negative impact on members hours, there was obviously significant concern. A meeting was quickly scheduled with upper management from Loblaws to address our concerns and further investigate the proposed changes.

These will be ongoing discussions as the changes are rolled out but at least initially, our belief based on the explanation given by the Company, is that the impact to all the British Columbia DC'S will be net neutral in nature. We have been told new work will be brought in from other locations to offset the loss of work leaving the facilities. Union representatives will continue to monitor the situation and will be meeting with the stewards and management throughout the process.