August 26, 2020
Learn new money, math, and media literacy skills with webCampus

UFCW Canada's ground-breaking online education program, webCampus, can help you gain new skills in workplace math, money management, and media literacy with three core courses that are available to all UFCW Canada members, family members, and community partners completely free of charge.

The free online courses are currently offered in English and are described as follows:

Money Skills: The average Canadian household owes $1.50 of debt for every dollar of income. Many households are under financial stress, which can lead to anxiety over the future. Others feel ill-prepared to manage their financial affairs with confidence and competence. In order to make good choices with our money, we need good information about managing money. This course reviews money attitudes and beliefs, needs vs. wants, saving smart, why people don’t budget, types of financial goals, income, how you spend your money, and ways to cut spending. ENROL NOW

Media Literacy: Who controls the media? What effect does the media have on public opinion? Does the media socialize us? People tend to view different forms of media – including newspapers, TV, the internet, etc. – as things that are outside of themselves. But the media is, in fact, an extension of us. This course provides insights on the things that advertisers, TV networks, and politicians want us to see. We look at what the media is; the power of the corporations; and the effects of media on privacy, democracy, and globalization. ENROL NOW

Workplace Math Skills: Almost every sector that UFCW Canada members work in – from food retail to health care to warehousing – requires math skills. This course will help you strengthen your math skills and feel more confident in your ability to perform everyday arithmetic at work. ENROL NOW

Registration for all three courses is now open. To register for these free online courses, or to find more out more about the webCampus program, visit the webCampus website.