March 20, 2020
Important news for Safeway members: 3-way temporary agreement between Sobeys, UFCW 247, UFCW 1518

UFCW 247 members working at Safeway are asked to read the document below, which outlines several temporary changes to the contract.

“This is a chaotic time in the stores,” says Suzanne Hodge, President of UFCW 247, “and we’ve negotiated this agreement with Sobeys and UFCW 1518 so that members have better options and flexibility at this time.”

Dan Goodman, Secretary-Treasurer of UFCW 247, says, “we will be monitoring how this agreement works for the members.”

“We have the ability to meet again and refine the details of the agreement as necessary,”  says Goodman, “but the agreement gives members and the employer an opportunity to better tackle the challenges we have, in what is new territory for everyone.”

Agreement Re Cross Jurisdiction – March 20 2020

Due (to) the unprecedented and highly unusual circumstances arising from the high demand and high volume at Safeway stores across B.C. due to COVID-19, UFCW 1518, UFCW 247 and Sobeys Inc. have been working together to find ways for members to continue to access hours as there have been temporary changes to the operation. 

The following has been temporarily agreed to, without prejudice, 

1. All UFCW 1518 are to be fully maximized in their regular classification; however, due to the high volume of work, General Clerks or Cashiers may work between classifications.  

2. Once all UFCW 1518 members have their hours maximized, any UFCW 247 members who see a reduction in hours (due to the service counters changing in operation) OR in the event there is a need for more assistance outside of their regular department, may perform work in the Cashier and/or General Clerk classification.  

3. Similarly, once UFCW 247 members have their hours maximized in their home department, and there is need for more assistance in the department, UFCW 1518 members may perform work in the department in need should there be a shortage of people.  

4. Any employee working outside their regular classification or department must be properly trained by the Employer.  

5. No employee will be forced to work outside their regular department and/or classification.  

6. Any UFCW 1518 or UFCW 247 member in any store, who would like to draw down their ATO or Vacation Banks may do so upon request.  

7. Any new hire who will work primarily in the Cashier or General Clerk classification shall be hired as a UFCW 1518 member and similarly, a member hired for Deli, Meats, etc will be a UFCW 247 member. 

8. Regardless of the work being performed, members will continue to pay Union dues to their home local union and be covered by the terms of their current collective agreement. 

The terms of the agreement above are temporary and shall be reviewed by the parties in 30 days to see if there is a need for it to be extended due should the high volume and demand continue in Safeway stores. 

Signed by: Suzanne Hodge, UFCW Local 247 President; Kim Novak, UFCW 1518 President; Sean Naldrett, Sobeys Director, Labour Relations