March 27, 2019
Fresh Street Markets members see good improvements in contract

Fresh Street Markets members ratified a contract on January 28 and 29th after many months of negotiations that started in the summer of 2018. 

Among the many improvements were a new full benefits package that includes: 

  • prescription drugs
  • dental plan
  • professional medical services, including:
    • acupuncturist
    • chiropractor
    • physiotherapy
    • vision care
    • hospital stays
    • medical aids and equipment, including hearing aids.

The benefits will be extended to spouses and dependants of UFCW 247 members.

In addition, the wage grid was reduced by more than 4000 hours, with the lower end of the wage scales seeing much larger increases than the previous scales.

Proper meat cutting apprenticeship language was also introduced for a smoother transition from apprenticeship to journeyman rates.