June 18, 2019
Endless Savings & More (ESM): Discounts on your smart phone for UFCW 247 Members

Download a UFCW 247 version of the Endless Savings & More App to save on everyday purchases from hundreds of businesses including national chain retailers, service and travel providers.

Powered by Endless Savings & More (ESM), this program is available to UFCW 247 members and their families. 

How It Works:

  • Install the UFCW 247 version of the ESM App on your smart phone
  • GPS automatically shows merchants and savings that are closest to your current location
  • Tap on a merchant to view offers & tap on an offer for redemption details
  • You typically show the offer on your smart phone at payment in physical locations or enter a code for online purchases

Getting Started:

  • Go to your app store (Google or Apple) on your smart phone
  • Search for: ESM or Endless Savings & More
  • During registration you will be asked for an “organization code”:

Your “Organization Code” is: ufcw247

  • Allow location services. ESM uses “locations services” or GPS to automatically show you offers that are closest to your current location first.

How to Save Hundreds

  • Check out the UFCW 247 “Exclusive Offers” and save hundreds on your smart phone & plan from Rogers. UFCW 247 “Exclusive Offers” always appear first when you tap the ESM App.
  • Check out the “Travel and Play” category on the ESM App to save hundreds on your next travel.
  • When in the mall or your shopping district, always “Tap the ESM App” to save additional hundreds per year.