November 20, 2020
Cashiers: are you forced to stay late in your till?

Cashiers: are you forced to stay late in your till?

As anyone who has worked retail knows, Cashiers can not leave their till (and their customers) until another Cashier is there to take your spot.

Some UFCW 247 members working as Cashiers have advised the union that they regularly have to stay an extra unpaid 7-10 minutes at the end of their shift waiting for another Cashier to take over their till or to finish a large order they have already started. Although there is a generally accepted "give and take" when someone works an extra minute or two, if you find the amount of time getting longer you need to raise the issue.

Please let your supervisor know that you were forced to work later than scheduled, and you should then be paid appropriately according to your time card. Most employers only pay for the scheduled shift and will require approval or verification that the extra time was actual time worked.

After advising your supervisor, if you are still not being paid for all the time you work, please contact your Shop Steward or Union Representative.