November 09, 2023
BC Tree Fruits Tentative Agreement accepted by 88%

With polls closing on November 7, the Tentative Agreement our UFCW 247 bargaining committee reached with BC Tree Fruits has been accepted by 88%.
This vote comes after a difficult bargaining process with BC Tree Fruits that required mediation to resolve some major outstanding sticking points.  With the assistance of mediator Mark Atkinson a Tentative Agreement was reached and this was a good deal to bring back to the members for a vote.

This Collective Agreement has a lot of achievements including some of the highest wage increases in decades with full retroactivity.  This agreement balances the interests of all UFCW 247 BC Tree Fruit members.
“I want to thank all the members who have participated in this process and engaged with their union” said negotiator, Elisca Long. “I also want to thank the negotiations committee members for their hard work and dedication to improve this contract for all members” she added.

With the Tentative Agreement now ratified by membership vote, the next step in the process is to begin the work of updating the new terms into your collective agreement.  Once finalized, your renewed collective agreement will be posted online with CBA booklets printed shortly afterwards