May 09, 2019
BC Tree Fruits is moving, forgets to tell union

BC Tree Fruits has enjoyed considerable success in the Okanagan in recent years, creating  award-winning ciders and employing between 350-550 seasonal workers who are members of UFCW Local 247.

On May 7, management at BC Tree Fruits talked with UFCW Local 247 staff.

It was curious, then, that it somehow slipped their minds to advise the union that on the same day, they would be announcing a move to a brand new location and new facility in Kelowna.

Congratulations to BC Tree Fruits on their success and expansion plans, although we do wonder why they forgot to share this information with the union. This information is important to the futures of UFCW 247 members working at BC Tree Fruits, and the union is very interested in the impact such a move will have on the members working there.

UFCW Local 247 will be getting in touch with management at BC Tree Fruits again regarding the move announcement, hopefully after their morning coffee has kicked in.