June 12, 2024
BC Tree Fruits Cooperative vacation grievance filed

For All UFCW247 Members Employed By BC Tree Fruits Cooperative

‘NEW’ Collective Agreement – ANNUAL HOLIDAYS (VACATIONS)

As many of you are aware your employer has made announcements to introduce the changes to the ‘new’ annual holiday calculations and how they are applied– CBA Article 21. The Union is in disagreement with how these calculations have been done and have filed a grievance to challenge your employers calculations.

The Union has met with the Company on several occasions to discuss the application of these changes and also how it is impacting members that were expecting improvements in their vacation entitlement. Despite our efforts to come to a mutual agreement on the interpretation of the annual holiday calculations we could not agree to how it was being applied.

The Union has received legal advice from our lawyers on this matter and our recourse to address this issue is to request the assistance of Mark Atkinson who assisted us in the bargaining process. Mr. Atkinson has mediated previous matters and he will again support both parties on determining the interpretation of this article.

Meetings have been scheduled for June 19th and the membership will be updated further once a resolution is found.