March 06, 2021
BC Tree Fruit Members Ratify Three Year Deal

UFCW 247 members employed at BC tree Fruit  have ratified a new three year collective agreement with their employer. The agreement contains wage increases of 3%/ 2.5%/ 2% over the term and many other improvements such as:

  • Increased sick time
  • Increased footwear allowance
  • New dispute resolution process
  • Maintained the commitment to bargain early next negotiations putting us in a better position

Members voted 58% in favour of the settlement at votes held in Kelowna and Oliver on Friday March 5th.

A town Hall meeting was held on the Thursday before the vote to go over the details and also update members on some changes to their benefit entitlement for 2021.  Qualifying members will receive an additional $470 to put toward benefits in 2021 with their spouses and dependents also covered. Details of this change will be mailed to members soon.