November 08, 2021
Bargaining Update: Superstore

On November 4th and 5th negotiations with Loblaw continued for Local 247 retail members working in Real Canadian Superstores. Over the two days, both sides worked through and agreed on a number of proposals, most of which centered on scheduling and enhanced flexibility for members.

"Quite often we discuss proposals on the same topics together but here we were able to agree on a bundle that resolved some significant scheduling issues" commented Local 247 Secretary-Treasurer Charles Pratt. We feel like we made major progress and hope we can get through all the non-monetary issues by the end of our next set of meeting dates. 

" We have told the Employer that we are available for as many dates as we can block so we can find out if a deal will be possible," said Local 247 President Dan Goodman. "We know members want to see progress and not delay so once we have more dates we will post them on the website" he added.