February 15, 2024
Are you our next UFCW 247 Engagement Committee Member?

We are excited to announce a new initiative to establish a UFCW Local 247 Engagement Committee. The goal of this committee is to foster a more vibrant and connected community, a union community that we can all be proud of and that represents the diversity of our membership.

“I believe that together, we can create a more inclusive and empowered Local for our members. The ideal candidate will be passionate about fostering strong relationships within our union and encouraging volunteer participation in various activities and events” expressed President Dan Goodman.

Are you passionate about building stronger relationships and enhancing member engagement at your workplace and within our union?

Do you have ideas for fostering a sense of unity and solidarity within our union?

Are you enthusiastic about creating a more vibrant union?

If so, we want you to join us! Your participation and contribution are crucial in achieving the goals of our union. This is an excellent opportunity to contribute your skills and expertise to a cause that truly matters and to support our union’s engagement efforts to promote a positive and active volunteer community.

We encourage you to step forward and be a part of this new initiative.  It only takes 5 minutes to apply here.

The application deadline is March 6, 2024.

An email regarding this new initiative was sent to all the members for whom we have email addresses on file. If you know of anyone who is not receiving our emails, let them know they can update their contact information here, by phoning the union office at 1-888-361-8329, or emailing ufcw@ufcw247.com with their first name, last name, workplace, and phone number.