April 11, 2019
Another Superstore member receives $15K back pay, huge wage increase

On April 2, we reported how a Superstore member received a large wage increase and back pay after errors were made when they became an Assistant Supervisor.

The union has again stepped in to help another Superstore member in similar circumstances.

In this case, the member changed departments, but was mistakenly put under the wrong classification, and received an incorrect rate of pay.

The result? A $5.00 per hour wage increase for the member, along with over $15,000 in back pay.

These two incidents are important reminders for all members to check their paystubs and keep an eye on their “Class hours”, as well as their rates of pay.

“Class hours” are what is on your paystub, which is how you know when you are due for a wage raise.

Again, if you are not sure you are being paid properly, please check your paystub and your contract, and if you still have questions, feel free to inquire further with your Shop Steward and/or Union Representative.