April 04, 2020
5 ways customers can do their part

Workers like UFCW 247 members on the frontlines of this pandemic are doing their part to make sure everyone gets the food and supplies they need from retail stores safely and efficiently. Customers need to do their part to help.

5 ways customers can do their part:

  1. One customer per cart
    Stores are limiting how many people go in and out, bringing extra people makes it harder to physically distance in the stores, and it means others have to wait longer to get in. 
  2. Shop for your friends, family and neighbours
    To keep numbers in stores low, shop for your friends, family and neighbours.
  3. Don’t ‘hang out’ at the grocery stores every day
    Plan ahead, get what you need and come back in a week or two.
  4. Follow all Social Distancing rules
    Keep 2 meters between yourself, other customers and employees, look on the ground for lines while you’re waiting in line.
  5. Be Kind
    Demanding and bullying will not make items appear out of a backroom when there are none. If it’s not on the shelf, it’s not in stock.