May 01, 2019
2 more Superstore members receive wage increases, back pay after union steps in

2 more Superstore members receive wage increases, back pay after union steps in

Two more UFCW Local 247 members working at Superstore have received wage increases and back pay  after the union investigated their schedules and seniority reports.

In the first case, while checking a seniority report, the Union Rep noticed a Cashier’s rate of pay did not look correct. Upon further investigation, the Union Rep discovered that when the member became an Assistant Front End Supervisor in November 2016, they did not receive the 40 cents per hour increase to which they were entitled.

When the member stepped down to a Cashier position, the company lowered the member’s wage by 40 cents per hour, based on the assumption the member had been receiving the proper Assistant Supervisor rate. 

After the union intervened, the rate of pay was corrected with a 40 cents per hour wage increase, and the union member also received back pay of 40 cents for every hour worked since November 2016, totaling $1395.42. 

This member had no idea there was an issue with their rate of pay, and was very pleasantly surprised to receive their owed wage increase and back pay.

In the second case, a Cashier at the same Superstore was promoted to Assistant Front End Supervisor, but did not receive the full wage increase to which they were entitled.

The Union Rep grieved the incorrect rate of pay, and the company corrected the situation.

The member received an hourly wage increase of $1.45 per hour, and back pay of $1.45 for every hour worked since June 2018, adding up to $1929.74.

These two incidents are important reminders for all members to check their paystubs and keep an eye on their “Class hours”, as well as their rates of pay.

“Class hours” are what is on your paystub, which is how you know when you are due for a wage raise.

Again, if you are not sure you are being paid properly, please check your paystub and your contract, and if you still have questions, feel free to inquire further with your Shop Steward and/or Union Representative.