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In order for a union to operate and provide services for it's members, it must collect union dues. Every union member pays dues and they are fully tax-deductible. Some of the services that your dues pay for are:

  • servicing
  • arbitrations
  • communications
  • per capita fees
  • office supplies, etc.

As a result of the merger between Locals 777 and 2000, Local 247 is operating with two different dues structures.

They are as follows:

Former Local 2000 members: Pay one half (1/2) hours pay per week + $2.19
Former Local 777 members: Pay $8.94 if less than 32 hours in a week
Pay $10.69 if 32 or more hours in a week

New members pay a one time initiation fee of $50. If the member has already paid an initiation fee at another UFCW local, they may apply to be reimbursed. For newly organized members, the initiation fee is waived.

  • ufcw [at] ufcw247 [dot] com