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Want to Quit Smoking??

Are you or someone you know planning on quitting smoking? There are several resources available to assist you including financial assistance with medication and online support.

As part of the B.C. Smoking Cessation Program started on September 30, 2011, a 12 week course of non-prescription nicotine replacement therapy (Thrive gum or Habitrol patches but not both) is available FREE to BC residents who:
• Smoke or use another tobacco products, and
• Are actively enrolled with the Medical Services Plan of BC (MSP)

After consulting your doctor to determine if nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products are suitable for you, call HealthLinkBC at 8-1-1 to place an order. They will give you a "reference number" which you will provide to your pharmacy for pick up.

The eligibility requirement for assistance with prescribed medication is generally limited to those on income assistance. If you are registered for Fair Pharmacare, contact them at 604-683-7151 or toll free at 1-800-663-7100 to determine your eligibility for financial assistance with prescribed smoking cessation medications.

Before you start, please browse the QuitNow website for resources and tips to increase your chance of success -- http://www.quitnow.ca GOOD LUCK!




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