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Sobeys to Introduce FreshCo Banner in Western Canada

Empire Co. announced on Wednesday that they planned to convert up to a quarter of their stores in Western Canada to its discount FreshCo banner. This obviously includes the Safeway stores they operate in B.C. You can read the story from the Globe and Mail by clicking here. Unfortunately we found out the same way as the rest of Canada, by reading it in the paper or online. We have not received any phone calls, emails or letters from Sobeys making us aware of their plans or inviting us to talk about it. This is puzzling from a Company that seems hell bent on rushing to the bargaining table in not just British Columbia, but Manitoba and Alberta as well. 

There has actually been very little communication with the Company since they serve notice to commence re-opening of negotiations for the Safeway Collective Agreement, as per Letter of Understanding 29 in late October. We continue to talk with Local 1518 and our sister Locals in other provinces to co-ordinate bargaining positions and will update you as things progress. 


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