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Harper delay tactics doomed to fail as battle for democracy kicks in

“Stephen Harper’s suspension of Parliament is an attack on democracy and one more reason Harper and his government must go,” sad Wayne Hanley, the National President of UFCW Canada, following the Governor General’s decision to grant Harper’s request to prorogue Parliament until January 27.

“Harper can run but he can’t hide from the majority of Canadian voters and their elected representatives,” Hanley said. “His shutting  of  Parliament is reason enough to reject his government, in addition to the harm it causes in further delaying action on Canada’s economic crisis.”

“Now more than ever we have to get involved, keep the pressure on, and join with our allies and neighbours to continue to push for a new coalition government that has integrity and respects the challenges facing all Canadians.”

Parliament will resume January 27. “Between now and then Stephen Harper will find out what real democracy is about,” says Hanley.  “Canadians deserve better and they will get it from a Coalition that has a plan, is in touch with working Canadians, and is not about to be bullied by the likes of Harper.”



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