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On November 14 representatives from the Union and Loblaw met before arbitrator Chris Sullivan to present evidence on the outstanding issues regarding the impact of the minimum wage increases on the various pay scales in the Real Canadian Superstore Collective Agreement. The reasons we needed to go through the process of meeting with the Mediator were:

  • that the increases to the minimum wage were larger than anticipated which would have resulted in post rat scales having higher rates that pre-rat scales at the same progression spots,
  • The negotiated top rates of the scales would have been quickly exceeded and therefore the scales would not have been accurate,
  • Some scales would have been wiped out entirely and had just a minimum wage rate for the balance of the agreement.

As we explained to the members on the Telephone Town Hall calls, prior to the hearing we did meet several times with the Company, but we were unable to come to a complete resolve. Both sides came into the hearing with proposals and the arbitrator did provide opinion on what he felt was the best way to proceed. Ultimately presentations were made by both parties and the Arbitrator issued a decision on November 22nd which changes many of the scales dramatically.

The new scales reflect a merging of the pre and post rat scales and move away from the minimum wage plus (MW+) concept, as well as shortening the number of hours needed to reach top rate in some instances.

Probably the largest impact is in the scales which would have been completely wiped out by the minimum wage as of 2019 or 2020. They now have additional monies added to create a new higher top rate. As an example, the GM Assistant scale now tops out at $16.15 by 2021.

It is also important to note that for pre-ratification members, they will receive both the new scale increase in June and any yearly off scale increases which are applied in August. We are now adding these scales into the collective agreement and will begin printing new booklets as soon as possible. The award and scales are shown below.

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