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14 delegates from UFCW Local 247 will be attending the 2018 UFCW International convention.

In results counted November 27, Local 247 members voted by 94% to reduce the number of delegates attending the International convention from 21 to 14, and alternates to 7. The union’s Executive Board had recommended this motion to members as a practical move with significant cost savings.

Moreover, with 120nominations for Local 247 delegates and none for alternate, all the nominated delegates are elected by acclamation.

As a result, the January 2018 meetings scheduled to elect delegates are no longer necessary and have been cancelled.

The UFCW International Convention is held every five years, and delegates have a number of important responsibilities. Delegates will debate and set the UFCW’s goals, priorities and policies, and review and consider amendments to the International Constitution.

As well, delegates will elect International Officers and vote on amendments to the UFCW International Constitution, which will govern our union, for the next five years. (Local 247 President Suzanne Hodge also serves as a UFCW International Officer.)

  • ufcw [at] ufcw247 [dot] com