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About 30 UFCW Local 247 members from Safeway-Sobeys are meeting with union staff and officers in Safeway membersBurnaby to discuss and review members’ proposals for upcoming negotiations with the company. 

The two-day meeting was kicked off this morning by Local 247 President Suzanne Hodge and Secretary-Treasurer Dan Goodman. They welcomed Local 247 Safeway members from across the province, and gave Suzanne Hodge & Dan Goodmanthem a candid overview of issues and developments with Safeway-Sobeys, providing members with a good understanding of the backdrop to the upcoming contract negotiations.

This round of negotiations will be different because should we not be able to come to complete agreement at the bargaining table, the remaining outstanding issues will be referred to an arbitrator as part of the “Final Offer Selection” arbitration process.                                  

Lawyer Tony Glavin talked with members about how Final Offer Selection works, and how it can change the dynamics at the bargaining table.

In Final Offer Selection, both sides submit (in writing) their positions on each unresolved bargaining issue. The arbitrator then must choose entirely between either the union’s position, or the company’s position.  

Ultimately, it is in both party’s best interests to attempt to negotiate a complete settlement at the bargaining table. While Final Offer Selection can be mistakenly viewed as a winner-take-all process, in fact, says Glavin, both sides know they need to submit good, sensible proposals to have a chanJ ce of the arbitrator selecting their position.

Members discussed and debated proposals through the afternoon session, and will continue doing so on Tuesday, with the conference concluding by the end of the day. 

Please watch the UFCW 247 website for further negotiations info and updates.  247 cleaver pin

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