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Westfair Foods announces the closure of 3 Wholesale Clubs in BC

The closure of 3 Wholesale Clubs was announced by Westfair Foods on Wednesday November 15th. The 3 stores that will be closed in January are the Quadra Street Victoria Wholesale Club the Nanaimo Wholesale Club and the Renfrew Wholesale Club in Vancouver.

Union staff representatives were present at each of the 3 stores when the announcement was made. Union officials will be meeting with the company next week to discuss the movement and possible placement of employees. The company stated that a decision by Imperial tobacco to no longer supply the Wholesale Clubs had lead to poor sales in those locations and the subsequent decision to close.

Secretary-Treasurer Suzanne Hodge stated that Local 247 will do everything we can to assist our members. Full time and long term employees will have some ability to move to other Wholesale Clubs in the province. Our members at the Wholesale Clubs do not have the right to bump into any of the Real Canadian Superstores however due to a number of vacant positions in those locations we are hopeful we will be able to place employees in some of those vacancies without affecting any of our members there. Details have yet to be agreed on between the company and the union. We will be meeting with our members again in the effected Wholesale Clubs in early December.


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