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Saskatchewan Court of Appeal Dismisses Wal-Marts Latest Appeal

Saskatoon, SK  Wal-Marts latest appeal, regarding their application to prohibit the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board from hearing any applications concerning themselves, was heard before the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal on November 15, 2006.

In the matter of Wal-Marts appeal of Justice Gereins previous lower-court decision regarding the alleged bias of the Labour Relations Board against Wal-Mart, the Court reaffirmed the view of Justice Gerein and dismissed Wal-Marts appeal.

Wal-Mart also obtained a sworn affidavit from former Vice Chair Matkowski and was asking that the Court allow it to be filed at the Court of Appeal as "fresh evidence". The Court dismissed Wal-Marts application to file this affidavit.

Paul Meinema, president of UFCW Local 1400 commented "The union is pleased with the outcome of this appeal and will continue to advance the rights of the workers."


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