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Clerk IIs & Junior Clerks to have easier access to Benefits soon

The Trustee's of the UFCW Health & Welfare Trust have announced that it will soon be easier for Clerk IIs and Junior Clerks , employed at Canada Safeway or Overwaitea Foods, to qualify for the Dental Plan and Extended Health Plan. The new coverage means that a greater number of Junior Clerks will qualify for benefits.

As of January 1, 2008, dental benefits and an extended health plan will be available to Junior Clerks and Clerk IIs who meet the following criteria:

- Minimum 6 months continuous employment.

- 22 or more hours worked averaged over the previous 13 weeks employment.

The expanded Plans came about when after reviewing costs of the Plans, the UFCW Health & Welfare Trustees agreed last week that it was feasible to extend the Dental and Health Care Benefits.

Once the Trustee's finalize the details we will be mailing out the information, as well as posting it in the stores so that people are aware of the change. The improvements will also provide some coverage for eligible dependents.

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