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Stop Bill C-377 – Harper’s Invasion of Your Privacy

Tell YOUR Senator to join the revolt against Harper’s Bill C-377!

With Conservative boss Harper having prorogued parliament until October 16, Harper’s attack on workers, Bill C-377, has been returned to the Senate.

The Senate will once again debate Bill C-377 and make possible amendments to the bill. Senators will once again be hearing that this bill is unconstitutional, is an invasion of privacy and is opposed by many of the provinces for its infringement on provincial jurisdiction.

If the bill passes, it will  grant government the power to post the amount you receive for payments related to long-term disability and prescription medications from the health and welfare trust on the Canada Revenue Agency's public website. It will also give government the power to post your name and amount you receive from your UFCW pension plan on the Canada Revenue Agency’s public website.It is important that we keep the pressure on the Senators to defeat the Bill C-377, or at a minimum amend the bill as had been done previously.

We cannot let this happen – TAKE ACTION NOW!

Stop Bill C-377 by clicking HERE and visit the UFCW Canada site to click on your province and send a letter to YOUR Senator.

  • ufcw [at] ufcw247 [dot] com