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European Quality Meats & Sausage workers vote to join Union

Workers at European Quality Meats and Sausages are the newest members of our Local Union. The 55 new members voted on October 19, 2011, to certify and join Local 175.

"The workers were dancing outside after the ballots were counted, despite the rain," says Local 175 Organizer Tony Nigro who was on hand for the vote.

The new members work in variety of jobs at the company's store front grocery and deli area and sausage manufacturing facility where sausages and cured meats are prepared for distributed to restaurants, retails stores, nursing homes and other locations.

"We're happy to provide a new sense of solidarity for these workers," explains Shawn Haggerty, President of Local 175. "We have the experience necessary in this industry to help these workers achieve a better work environment."

Locals 175 & 633 represent a number of workers in the meat processing industry including Cargill, Maple Leaf Foods, Grober & Delft Blue and other facilities totalling more than 530 workers. The Local Union also represents more than 3,300 workers in red meat slaughter and packing houses as well.

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