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Union and Loblaw to Meet with Mediator/Arbitrator on Pay Scale Issue

As we previously raised through the Town Hall Meetings, there have been ongoing discussions with Loblaw over the impact of increases to the BC Minimum wage on the scales in the Real Canadian Superstore collective agreement such as:

-          The disparity in treatment between pre and post ratification members. If the current scales were not amended, post ratification members would achieve higher rates of pay in a shorter period of time that longer term members.

-          Some scales would be reduced to a single rate of pay, with no increases tied to length of service

It was not the intent of either party to create this disparity and although we have had productive discussions, we have not been able to agree on a resolve other than the changes made to this year’s scales. Therefore, both parties have agreed to meet before Mediator/Arbitrator Christopher Sullivan on November 14th.  At that time, we will present arguments and positions in the hope of reaching a mutually agreeable solution with Mr. Sullivan’s assistance.

We will update you after this meeting takes place.

  • ufcw [at] ufcw247 [dot] com