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Important Notice for Canada Safeway Members

Many members have been calling the Union office asking what is going on with the retroactive pay and the increases to their wage rates. Apparently the Company implemented some of the changes this week but unfortunately they did not make all the changes necessary. What has happened to this point is this:

1) They have adjusted members rates of pay to reflect the off scale wage increase

2) They have paid members $.50 an hour for all hours worked from March 30th up to August 24th.

What they have not done is pay members $1.00 an hour for all hours worked from August 24th to now. They have informed us that these funds will be paid out in the next pay period. We have asked them to post notices in the stores explaining the situation to members. If you have specific questions about your rate of pay, you can call Canada Safeway Human Resources directly at 1-888-310-1318.

  • ufcw [at] ufcw247 [dot] com