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2016 Scholarship and Education Grant Winners

This year, UFCW Local 247 made scholarship and educational grant awards totalling $21,000 to members and their dependents. The Scholarship Committee received more than 80 applications, which were placed into a random draw that was held on October 20th

With heartfelt appreciation and best wishes for all our applicants, we are delighted to congratulate our winners for 2016.  The winners have been contacted via email.

Scholarship Winners
Craig Romain - member at YIG Kamloops
Nicholas Hilton - member at RCSS 1522
Megan Nash - member at RCSS 1560
Olivier Mathieu - dependent of member at RCSS 1525
Lillian Clutterbuck - dependent of member at Safeway/Sobeys 4963
Giselle Fonseca - dependent of member at RCSS 1520
Dean Fernandes - dependent of member at RCSS 1554
Cassidy McLennan - member at Aramark UBC
Evan Hampson - member at Safeway/Sobeys 4932
Dylan Keyzer - member at RCSS 1525

Education Grant Winners
Nicole Palmer - member at Steve's No Frills
Anne Niiro - member at RCSS 1522
Yan Jing Hu - member at RCSS 1526
David Haere - member at RCSS 1522
Bhavna Rajguru - member at RCSS 1556
Harminder Poonian -  RCSS 1558
Jaswinder Kaur Sodhi - member at RCSS 1517


  • ufcw [at] ufcw247 [dot] com