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UFCW 247 Scholarship and Education Grant winners

Congratulations to all those selected, and a reminder that information and applications for scholarships and education grants for UFCW 247 members and their dependants can be found here: http://www.ufcw247.com/education/scholarship-info.cfm

Marilyn Rivas, dependant of member at Superstore 1556

Maria Minassian, member at Superstore 1558

Kelsey Guesford, member at Safeway 4924

Harjot Randhawa, dependant of member at Wholesale Club 6725

Shayna Moen, member at Superstore 1528

Sonia Nirwan, dependant of member at DC 1908

Ryan Corbett, member at Centennial Foods, with David Corbett




Pictured below are Kristine May Lacerna (centre), daughter of Louie Lorenz Lacerna (left), with UFCW 247 Union Rep Eric Seto. Louie is a UFCW 247 member working at at DC 1957. Children of UFCW 247 members are eligible and encouraged to apply for available education scholarships and grants.

Shawn Reid, dependant of member at Safeway 4955, pictured with UFCW Local 247 Union Representative Elisca Long




Jennifer Hayman (left), member at Wholesale Club 6722, with Union Rep Elisca Long




Jennifer Somerville, member at Superstore 1554, pictured with UFCW 247's Charles Pratt





Noriko Clare (left), dependant of member at Superstore 1523, pictured with UFCW 247's Heather McLaverty




Chloe Bartel, member at Superstore 1551, with UFCW 247's Charles Pratt





Wanida Vongpraseuth, member at Superstore 1524

Ellysa Munar, member at Superstore, with Charles Pratt, her Union Representative.

  • ufcw [at] ufcw247 [dot] com