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We received a fax from the Company regarding the proposed Westfair Meat Cutting Facility. We have copied the body of the letter below. As a result of the information provided, members will be retained in the cutting positions for a longer period of time.

Received October 20, 2005

This is an update on the federally regulated central meat cutting facility that will open in Calgary.

There will be an announcement shortly that Loblaws and Cargill have reached an agreement that Cargill Meat Solutions will own and operate the facility located at the site of the Freeport distribution facility in North East Calgary. Cargill will be responsible for supplying case ready meat products to Westfair stores in Saskatchewan, Alberta and parts of the interior of B.C. Cargill currently operates two case ready plants in Eastern Canada that supply Loblaw stores.

As a result of Cargills involvement, all decisions regarding employment opportunities in the new facility will be made by Cargill. The assurances of employment within the store with the option of the retention of bonuses will be extended due to the timing of the transition. As a result of this change, we anticipate that the new facility will open in early 2007.

We will be advising affected employees in the very near future.

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