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BC's Teachers Strike- Labour Board Rules Picketing Illegal!

The BC Labour Relations Board has brought down an order declaring that pickets lines established by "persons and persons unknown" outside or near all stores owned by the Canada Safeway in the province of British Columbia to be illegal. This order will be in effect for the next thirty days. (Click here to view a PDF of the order: (picketing safeway)

The order effectively removes the protections for our members contained in the collective agreement regarding the honouring of pickets lines. Therefore, members disobeying the order can be disciplined by the employer and the Union is vulnerable to suits for damages.

We do not anticipate picket lines to be set up at any Safeway stores, however, should a picket line appear outside your store contact your Union Representative or the Union Headquarters immediately! If you are a Local 247 member at any other employer, you are also instructed to go to work to avoid possible discipline. We do however, urge all 247 members to support BC teachers by joining them on a picket line whenever possible.

  • ufcw [at] ufcw247 [dot] com