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Westfair cancels plans for Central Meat Cutting Facility

Local 247 was informed earlier today that Westfair Foods has cancelled its' Meat Division re-structuring plans that would have seen meat cutting for Saskatchewan, Alberta, and the Cranbrook, Kelowna and Vernon RCSS stores supplied by a cutting facility located in Calgary. We were initially informed of the Company's intent in March 2005 and in October of last year it was announced that Cargill Foods would own and operate the facility. The letter we received today simply stated that "We will continue to manage our fresh meat production business at store level."

Local 247, along with Locals 1400 and 401, have had discussions surrounding retention bonus and compensation levels for existing employees who's job would be eliminated or effected by the plant. The Company has stated that they wish to meet in the next few weeks with representatives from the locals to further discuss the change in plans and resolve any issues.

We will update our members once these discussions have taken place.


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