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Proud and Enthusiastic Picket Lines Result in Tentative New Collective Agreement

Around the clock negotiations between union officials and Loblaw bargaining team have
been ongoing since last Thursday.

Sequestered in a Calgary hotel in a basement meeting room, your union negotiating
committee has been unrelenting in pursuing a new deal for Alberta Superstore &
Liquorstore employees.

That deal has been struck!

At around 4 a.m. today, an agreement was reached in principle between Loblaw and UFCW
Local 401. The agreement offers hope to Superstore employees for their coming years of
employment. The union negotiating committee is unanimously recommending the
settlement and immediate arrangements will be made to give union members across the
province a chance to vote on the deal.

Ratification votes will take place as early as this Tuesday across the province.

Picketing will continue and Superstore employees are asked to maintain picket lines. As
details of the tentative agreement are finalised and a plan for a smooth return to the stores
is considered, it is important that Loblaw continue to understand that we are committed to
bargaining strong together until a new deal is finalised.

The new agreement will present employees with a number of significant improvements
over and above the company’s last offer. We strongly believe that these improvements will
bring new hope to employment at Superstores & Liquorstores.

It is crystal clear that the threat of a strike had some impact on Loblaw’s approach to
negotiations. But the difference was made when employees walked off the job. Enthusiasm
and solidarity of picketers finally got Galen Weston to understand the need for a greater
balance in workplace relations. Customer support was overwhelming.

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