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Fruit Industry Mediation Update/ Summerland Closure



Late in the day on Wednesday, Mediator Mark Atkinson informed both parties that he say no benefit in the two sides having any further discussions and he would be deciding all outstanding issues. At the start of the session on Monday, the Company informed us of the closure of the Summerland facility. They were not specific in the closure date, only saying it would most likely be before the midpoint of 2010. We will update members when more information becomes available. The majority of the time on Monday and Tuesday was attempting to resolve some of the more minor issues and near the end of Tuesday, the Company tabled an offer of settlement. The Union countered the offer Wednesday morning and after conferring with the Company, Mr. Atkinson called a halt to the proceedings, feeling further discussions would not resolve the issues at hand. The parties are now preparing submissions to the mediator outlining their respective positions on all things outstanding.


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